Trip Insurance

By | April 28, 2017


The hard working and dedicated professionals need some peaceful time by themselves to keep up the good work. they plan holiday trips with their families to different destinations across the globe where they could spend some peaceful and memorable time with their close family holiday can be complete without purchase of a trip insurance for all the members of the family who are traveling with needs a lot of effort and research to find a trip insurance package that could provide you all the coverage you expect. There are a lot of factors that you should be discussing with your insurance company to get the best deal you possibly could. The following are some of the main points that you should discuss with your insurer in order to be served with best option.

Trip Insurance

Trip Insurance


Different insurance companies have different policies about the definition of family members. There were time when the legally married couple and their off springs and biological parents were considered a family. The modern lifestyle has changed the definition of family and the foster children or adopted parents step mom, step dad, step brothers and sisters are all included in a family. Most of the insurance companies still do not entertain the extended families under one holiday insurance plan. Even today the insurance companies consider the legally wedded couple their parents and children living under the same roof as family .if you want to purchase a family trip insurance plan you should clearly discuss it with the insurer to get all the things you need to be covered according to your unique case. Most of the insurance companies have flexible rules according to which on charging a little extra as premium that can provide the coverage according to the requirement of the person insured. Try not to hide anything about the people you want to get insured under a single trip insurance plan for your family.


Declaring exact ages of your family members may help you save a lot of money. According to the policies of different airlines and even cruises a child under a certain age is allowed to travel free of charge if both his parents are travelling with him. Telling the insurer about a child whose age meets the criteria will save you a ticket. Just like kids, different flights have special discounts for the elderly or the senior citizens; you can get special discounts if you have an elderly parent going with you on the holiday trip. So, you should discuss the ages of all the members of your group with the trip insurer.


If you have a perfectly fit and healthy family it can be a plus for you as well as the insurer. If you have people with special needs traveling with you then you might get the trip insurance with high level of premium but if no one of your family has a pre-existing medical condition then the insurer will gladly give you the maximum coverage plan as he would think that the chances of claim due to bad health are next to zero and they won’t have to pay for health issues. Providing your insurer with your family’s fitness certificates will make it easy to get trip insurance plan with maximum coverage.


There are different types of insurance packages that you could choose from according to your own convenience. Sometimes just buy talking to your insurance company you can have a customized insurance plan that could easily meet your coverage needs at a reasonable cost.


Most of the young men and ladies living in the western world like to go for a holidays with their friends and not their families. they don’t feel at ease with people who are dependent like elderly people or such cases there is a type of insurance plan that suits most of the needs ,it is known as group insurance, it is far cheaper than a separate travelers insurance policy for each individual. Group insurance plan is the plan that covers several persons under one policy as long as they are traveling from the same destination. Such insurance plans may even cover some of the special activities that most of the youth like to do when they are on a holiday like different types of sports and water sports, racing, scuba diving and much more.


No matter what type of insurance you have bought as you age your premium amount increases accordingly. Likewise as your age the cover provided by your insurance companies’ decreases and the premium increase but you need more of it as you have health conditions to attend to. Most of the insurance agencies refuse to provide you cover if you are 65 years of age or above. As you grow old your health condition deteriorates and you need extra cover to deal with your health issues. There are some specialist companies to deal with such cases and you can ask for their help in buying an insurance plan that provides you with maximum coverage at reasonable premium. The companies refuse providing cover for the senior citizens because in many countries the medical treatment is too expensive to bear, and providing a senior citizen with health cover in some cases is not beneficial for the insurance company.


  • According to the travelers travel history if he has been refused a travelers insurance once and he has not informed the insurer about its reason prior to purchase of a travelers insurance the insurer might invalidate his insurance plan.
  • If the travelers has been arrested for dishonesty or fraud in the last 5 years or so and does not tell the insurer about it his insurance can get invalidated at any time.
  • If a traveler has made 3 or more claims in the last three years and hid it from the insurer he might get his insurance validated at any time.






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