Health Insurance For Senior Citizens

By | April 20, 2017

It is a common knowledge that lifestyle changes and prevention if better than taking a handful of medicines each day. Though the love, care, and some quality time is all what the old age people demand of their children, the best material gift that you could give to your elderly parents or other family members is a health insurance plan to show how much you care. It is a bitter truth about life that old age and physical ailments go hand in hand till the day a person dies. This truth is very hard to digest and especially for those seniors who have had lead a very active life. There are many old age people who just cannot accept their lack of mobility due to different health issues and go into deep depression. When the income is limited and the health issues are unlimited it becomes very hard for the seniors to cope with the situation. In such times an extensive health insurance plan proves to be a blessing for them.

Senior Citizen Home Health Care

Gifting your elders with an insurance plan is not a hard task to accomplish with dozens of insurance companies functioning out there. You can ask an insurance agent to help you find a health insurance plans for elderly according to their ages and health conditions. The health industry of today, takes the volunteer efforts of preventive measures in handling obesity and other health issues that are a cause of bad lifestyle of the insured people very seriously and assist them in doing so. When an insurer observes that the person insured is trying to stay fit by doing gym of trying to quit smoking they make sure to assist them in their goals so that they don’t have to make any claims in near future due to good health.

Health Insurance For Senior Citizens

Health Insurance For Senior Citizens

In America and other countries of the west the trend of preventive-health is increasing day by day and most of the health insurance services provided to the senior citizens include the services of counseling and assistance in quitting bad habits that are injurious to human health .The following is a complete list of such facilities that are provided for senior citizens free of cost by their insurers.

  • The counseling services are provided in an effective manner at no costs at all for all the senior citizens who are alcoholics so that they could live healthy and long by just having strong control over alcoholism.
  • There are thousands of seniors who want to quit smoking but no matter how hard they try they just fail, the counseling to quit smoking is also provided free of charge for all those who want to live with a healthy heart and lungs.
  • Senior citizens no matter, in which part of the world they are living, are likely to be diagnosed with hypertension and hypo tension without any particular reason. The screening for blood pressure is provided for all elderly people free of charge.
  • Depression is one of the main ailments that a number of old age people have to face in later years of their life. Many a times it is due to weak health and loneliness that they feel for staying at home when the rest of the family is living an active life. To help the people above the age of 65 most of the insurance companies provide free counseling to avoid depression.
  • Obesity is in itself a big disease that does not let the whole body function properly and especially in old age when the joints of the bones become weak the extra wait becomes a shed wait people have to avoid certain foods as in old age they do not have enough strength for vigorous workouts. This creates a feeling of being deprived and the people who are obese may quickly go into deep depression. To help obese people shed extra pounds and help those on borderline to maintain their weight the health insurance companies provided the insured old people with free help and counseling in weight loss programs.
  • The diseases like hypertension and diabetes are sometimes interconnected and a person who is hypertensive is more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Many health insurance companies offer free screening for type 2 diabetes, to prevent the seniors from the most troublesome disease of the world known as diabetes.
  • There are several seniors across the globe that are suspected to be engaged in some kind of risky sexual behavior, needle sharing or HIV can be offered HIV screening on annual basis to keep them protected from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Cardiovascular diseases are very common in old age people, especially those who do not do any physical exercise in daily routine. The old age people may be provided by low doses of aspirin by the health insurance provider as a preventive measure against cardiovascular diseases. Usually the people who get these doses of aspirin are under 79 of age.
  • Colorectal cancer is mostly diagnosed in the people who are 50 years and above. So to prevent these diseases from attacking the senior citizens some of the health insurance companies provide the old age people with colorectal screening.
  • Many obese male seniors who have been diagnosed with heart disease may be asked by the insurance company to go through their free cholesterol screening so that the increasing cholesterol can be controlled with diet control and exercise.
  • The male senior citizens who are smokers and have reached the age of 65 – 75 may be facilitated with abdominal aortic aneurysm as it is a serious health condition that may develop the male smokers of this age. This screen is provided only once a year.

Most of the problems discussed earlier are a part of a single medical examination known as ‘Annual Wellness Benefits’. Once you ask your insurance provider about your willingness to for an annual wellness benefit examination he might ask you about the parts of the wellness checkup that you would specifically want to go for. The health insurance provider will also ask you about your routine medicines .To be on safer side you should always ask your insurer about the bills that the insurance will cover in case of a special procedure or surgery.

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